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InterPhotoCamp 2015

On Friday, June 26, 2015 at the Hotel Cernigov in Hradec Kralove met enthusiastic 75 photographers from 16 countries. Invitation to IPC accepted as already experienced photographers who participated several times already, and the “newcomers”. We were able to welcome the first representative of Norway, Ireland and even two photographers from India.

New this year was the simultaneous international photographic competition Nude Award. Participants in last year wanted to compete with their images and Garik decided that it must be worth it. Patronage over this salon accepted international organizations FIAP, IAAP and national organization CFFU. Participants IPC had entry fees and the category of “Nude” for free so that they could participate in the competition and compare each to their work at the international level. The award ceremony and exhibition of successful photographs, the authors were many our “IPC” photographers, took place in Congress Hall and other hotel areas.

Photography of the models began on Saturday morning at the military hospital in the fort Josefov in Jaroměř. The incredibly large abandoned object was until the evening still possible in the hallways for a moment to lose (and indeed to go in the footsteps of the Good Soldier Schweik), as well as discover new room with a unique structure, peeling walls – in combination with curves girls’ bodies unreal background for images.

On Sunday afternoon photographers enjoyed both romantics at a horse farm at the famous breeder Mr. Kubišta and the industrial environment of the former tannery in Novy Bor. It was so stunning that Garik decided to return back in the future.

Sunday was also the day of the announcement of the winners. Present photographers chosen as a model of the year 2015 Miss Linda Barova and vice versa models (another novelty this year), then voted for the photographer with whom they work best! The first in the series of future favorite was Mr. Christian Životic.

In conclusion, as usual – a farewell lunch and Goodbye next year!

… Registration on Friday came uniformed emergency services and instead smile and the camera had a stark question: “They say you have on your list two Indians ?!” Yes, was our answer. “That’s right, we just arrested.” Over the next two hours, in which parallel colleague relayed Indian colleagues, while investigators explained the situation, it became clear that frightened bank clerk called police, because “probably the bombers’ heads with something black over bank charges. It was, of course, a black lens shot at the right angle without the two photographers at all about the bank clerk had appearances.

Both unfortunates at all times were silent with polite smile. At the conclusion of the one that operates efficiently in Delhi law practice, after all spoke – “An interesting experience …”

InterPhotoCamp 2014

The second decade (is the time running so fast?!) of InterPhotoCamp was launched Friday June 20th, as the eleventh edition of IPC started. That evening, the hotel Clarion Zlaty Lev in Liberec welcomed 94 photographers from 14 countries and 20 models. The opening ceremony was presented by Garik Avanesian, who introduced the models and the organisation team to the participants. And they in refund introduced their photographic work to others on a projection. Everyone was already eagerly awaiting the next two days full pf photoshooting!

Saturday brought us frowny cold weather, but it was not a concern of those who were taking photos in picturesque interiors of the Hotel. In other location, Liebig´s Palace, it was cold. Fortunatelly the models did not freeze thanks to the hot tea, and everyone who felt cold could spend the evening after shooting in hot bath and sauna in the Hotel´s wellness center. Those amazing photographs that were taken were worth a little cold.

The next morning we headed to the Konrad brewery. It was not only good photo location – but also a good opportunity to taste the delicious local beer. After the wonderful photoshoot it was the right time to announce the Model of the year upon the votes of the participants. For the first time in IPC´s history, we were about to announce three winners – 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. The first price came to Katerina Draco Kopcova, and on the second place, with equal number of participant´s votes, were 3 models – Svetlana Frolikova, Pavlina Seemanova and Denisa Strakova… and after that, the sun finally showed!

… the Friday evening some photographers really could not wait for shooting, we heard the clicking and flashes from the whirlpool until night hours.
… As it happens every year, our models not only got new cooperation offers, but some of them even serious marriage offers… :)

International Photo Camp 2013

The event attended 81 photographers from 12 countries, 14 lovely models and so together with organizer´s team and interpreters there were present 102 participants.

The gala evening was opened by Garik Avanesian who shortly introduced models to the curious audience. After short speech Garik started with long awaited Award ceremony and prize giving for the best photo to the winners of our traditional competition „The best Nude“. The award ceremony also joined present representatives of our partners, who dedicated valuable prizes. Company EIZO was represented by Mr. Ing. Charvát and stud farm „Zemský hřebčinec v Písku“ by Mr. Ing. Kratochvíle. We thank to all who have entered the competition and send our congratulations to the winners.

Partners were given space for their presentation and photographers had time to get answers to their inquisitive questions, or had the opportunity to enjoy special rates given just for this Intercamp.

The innovation of this year was projected photo presentation of IPC participants.

Saturday Nude shooting took place whole day in „Fort Hary“, at the place for dirty and rough gold-diggers, cow-boys and Indians, according set schedule of each photographers´ group. Models made-up great atmosphere of the place – sometimes it even seemed to endanger their lifes. While smoking the cigarette at the straw mattress, in paling with ugly indian horses, hanging in the noose or on the straw roof… Models were really very brave and willing to fullfill even „breakneck“ photographers´requirements. There had to arise big number of very special and unusual snaps without any doubt.

Sunday shooting gently continued in Saturday theme. It has moved to the stud furm. We made pictures in stalls where was very good soft light, in the ring and on the parkur meadow where models enjoyed ride in the historical coach. In the end of the event upon participants´voting there was declared and awarded the best model of the year –Denisa Straková.

… and because sun was shining really heavily, some of participants carried out from western fort „red face“ (their own) also to their homes…

International Photo Camp 2012

The ninth year of IPC attracted 97 photographers from 14 countries, 19 lovely models. Including organizers it was attended by 125 participants.

The presenter and actor Zdenek Podhursky took the role of entertainer bravely and accompanied the ceremony Friday evening. He welcomed all participants and introduced to the curious audience handsome models and organizational team.

After a short introduction, he moved to declare the winning photographs and their authors in the traditional competition for The Best Nude Photo. Ceremony was undertaken by the representatives of the partners of the event who donated prizes for the competition. For company Fototrade Mr. Peter Strbacka, for company Imagenomic Mr. Art Ghazaryan, for MD Distribution Company and Vanguard Mr. Zdenek Piringer. We thank to all who participated and congratulate to the winners.

Partners were given space for their presentation and photographers had time to get answers to their inquisitive questions, or had the opportunity to enjoy special rates given just for this Intercamp.
The highlight of the evening was the presentation of Czech photographer, Teresa z Davle who was personally present and answering with smile over nosy questions of Garik Avanesian and Zdenek Podhursky.

Saturday’s shooting of models – Nude – took place in the Museum of Czech railways in pits with steam locomotives according the program in groups of photographers. Models supplied to steam giants little bit of their fineness and cameras´ shutters almost did not stop.
This year’s generously used novelty was possibility to take pictures with the medium-format digital cameras, Leica and Hasselblad, at one of the points.

Sunday brought a fresh breeze from the river and welfare at the paddle steamer Vysehrad. Photos were taken both on deck and below deck. Before the end of the event Garik announced the best model of this year, Karolina Koblenova, upon votes from the participants.

Remark from this year:
Sparkling eyes of fathers and their sons leaving the Museum. The boys said: “Did you see those girls??” And happy papas noted: “This visit was really good” …

International Photo Camp 2011

Eighth international meeting of photographers was held this time in Pilsen. 89 photographers from 14 countries, a record 21 models and organization team, including interpreters during Friday night pull together in a perfectly functioning team of 120 members.

After the opening ceremony attended by some major partners – Penta CZ, Fototrade, Fotopátračka … profesor of Kuanass university Mr. R. Pozerskis introduced Ivona of famous and exceptional Lithuanian photography. Then followed a free night in the spirit of „new meeting of old friends in the photo“, adorned by the attendance of Zdenek Podhursky, who stayed with us until Sunday. Saturday photographic marathon took place in an amazing, not yet reconstructed castle Nebílovy and a short break was only a lunch with symbolic Pilsner beer at renowned restaurant. The evening program began Ing, Charvat with short lecture and examples on the topic “Working with Color on Eizo screens in Photoshop.” Immediately afterwards, G. Avanesian showed to all participant options of plugins IMAGENOMIC to work well in Photoshop.

The evening progresses heavier tension as approached the main agenda item -announcing and rewarding the winners. First took prize from the server Fotopátračka and of course from the organizer Miss Natalie Lissina, selected by photographers as a “model of year 2011″. The highlight of the evening was the announcement of the competition for the best photograph of the Act, which was endowed with gifts from our partners in the total amount 150 000 CZK.

To this competition could send their works only the participants of this year IPC and only they decided about their vote and award prizes. Grand Prix won Mr. Nicolae Sotir from Germany. All together then watched with interest the projection of all sent contributions to the competition, including the number of votes received.

Sunday at a slower pace welcomed photographers in a national cultural monument -the magical water hammer in Dobřív and romantic lakes and birch alley. Lunch ona Hamrovka with sirloin and cream sauce then made a decent end to the Inter Photo Camp 2011th.

… “There is no pastor, not a cop too, so where do you think people goes for a talk …?”Said awakening Mr. Innkeeper when on Saturday morning made a wonderful pot of hot tea, for our frozen models …

… For more tension Gary passed the price twice (for the first time someone messed up with piles) …

…The won price EIZO screen could not fit into won backapack withou chance, but Mr. Sitir was glad …

… Of all the hamer ´s sons only one active hammer smith Pepa from Dobřív will have SO nice photos to the album …

International Photo Camp 2010

The magic number seven gave the rainbow seven colours, the world its seven wonders, the week its best day – Sunday and us a unique IPC.

106 photographers from 18 countries came and so, together with 19 comely models, the organisers and interpreters, there were 136 present.

After the traditional Friday opening, the newly issued published book “Naked Holiday” was presented which, with a short text, but mainly the photographs of the many participants, documented all previous years. Quite exceptional was the concluding part of the evening when, by way of “photofilms”, the works the three personalities from the world of photography were presented by the photographers in person: Romualdas Požerskis – Lithuania, Jaroslav Kučera – Czech Republic and Gunars Binde – Latvia.

Saturday’s photographing of models – nudes – took place for the whole day in the Mayrau Mine Open-air Museum according to the fixed programme for individual groups. It was truly stimulating. Before the evening programme, during the presentations of the main partners Fototrade, FotoŠkoda and Imagenomic, participants were able, in addition to detailed information on what’s on offer, to receive unusually good prices – provided especially for IPC. In the meantime the international jury worked on judging photographs on the theme of the nude. Prizes given by the partners reached values of € 4 000. All winners deserve our congratulations. At the close of the evening the best model was chosen by voting by all the photographers – once again it was Hanka Šebelová.

On the last day – Sunday morning everybody welcomed the restful programme of nude photography at the Aqua Centre, where they enjoyed the most varied attractions together with the models until lunch.

…blood ran in the Aqua Centre…Rolf Schwery, photographing a colleague in a moving toboggan, was so focused on the view through the lens that he forgot to move out the way and his nose being the softest part…

…the dignified and distinguished Mayrau Mine, as if getting a second wind, gave the impression of a chaperone presenting its 19 attractive debutantes to the “world of show business”…

…Zlatka and Jarda Belák and Vláďa Matoušek were horrified when Gary let them unsuspectingly step out in front of the whole audience of photographers. A relief and pleasant surprise to them were the presents of the organisers, as a thank you for their participation in all 6 previous IPC…

…”This is mad!”… said photographer Jarda Kučera and despite the fact that he came “only” to present his work on Friday, he stayed with us until Sunday…

International Photo Camp 2009

It was already the 6th time when photographers met at the international meeting called INTER PHOTO CAMP held by PhotoArt magazine.

143 participants including 17 models in total spent the last weekend of June (from June 26th to 28th) in the romantic settings of Hrubá Skála castle. To provide creative inspiration, photographers from 15 countries had worksites with charming models prepared both at the castle itself as well as in the astonishing setting of sandstone formations of the Rock Town. On Sunday morning, the atmosphere of castle courtyards and gardens was underlined by the presence of Pranýr, a group of historical fencing, who also provided extraordinary props for the models.

Popular and established competitions were of course held as well. Miss Martina Marcikánová was elected the model of the 6th year of IPC; she was rewarded apart from gifts also a yearlong posting at website.

The main photographic competition, the topic of which was Nude, was kindly and objectively supervised by the following jury: Milan Škoda (CZ), Riccardo Busi (Italy), and Zdenek Míl (CZ). The main prize – Grand Prix – the IPC 2009 statuette, Tamron AF SP 90/2,8 Di Macro lens from Penta CZ, a voucher for a week’s stay at Hrubá Skála castle as well as of course a free participation in IPC 2010 was awarded to Alexandr Kharvat from the Ukraine. The Gold Prize was awarded to Oleksandr Kupchynskyy from the Ukraine as well, the Silver Prize to Sergei Borisov from Russia, and the Bronze Prize to Pavel Hanzlík from the Czech Republic. Sefa Ulukan from Turkey and Josef Kastner from Austria carried off this year’s honourable mentions. These gentlemen carried off valuable prizes (a 1000 CZK voucher from FotoŠkoda, photo bags, monopods, watches, a camera case, a voice recorder and lens cleaning sets) as well as the resolution to meet their colleague photographers and friends next year.

International Photo Camp 2008

The already fifth international meeting of photographers was held by PhotoArt during the last weekend of June, this time in Beroun and its environs. As usual, the main topic was taking nudes both in the open air and in interesting and unusual rooms of an old industrial hall, a brewery (where the interest of the photographers was somewhat split between the models and the excellent Beroun Medved beer), a malt house or a restaurant. 17 models were available to the photographers.

The event was attended by 50 participants from the Czech Republic and 39 foreign participants from Italy, Israel, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldavia, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, and the Ukraine.

4 interpreters were available to the foreign participants and the total number of participants including PhotoArt organizers was 116. The guest of the meeting was the General Secretary of FIAP, the world association of photographers, Mr Riccardo Busi MFIAP.

The introductory part of the agenda, highly logical in this case, was a successful presentation of the works of Jan Saudek, delivered by the author himself in an inimitable manner, which despite simultaneous interpreting lost none of its elegance.

The collective photograph of all models and photographers was taken this time in the Beroun sports hall; they have spent the rest of their stay photographing the models on the bank of the river Berounka.

As usual, the best model was selected. This time the most popular model was Hanka Šebelová who participated in IPC for the third time already.

It is also already a tradition that an evaluation of the contest in nude photography was held at the close of the whole event for nudes brought to the meeting by the participants. The photographs were judged by an international jury and the main prize, a crystal cup from Rückl Crystal glassworks in Nižbor along with free participation in the next Inter Photo Camp, was granted to Zdenek Míla from the Czech Republic. The second prize was awarded to Andrei Iurlov from the Ukraine, the bronze one to Zlata Beláková from the Czech Republic. The Prize of the Mayor of Beroun was awarded to Sergei Pavlov from Russia and honourable mentions were shared by Gennadii Alexandrov from the Czech Republic, Roman Cantir from Moldavia, and Oleg Malyshenko from Germany.

The partners of the event were Canon CZ, the Czech Federation of the Art of Photography (CFFU), FOMA Bohemia, Fomei, Hama CZ, Institute of Digital Photography (IDIF), Penta CZ, and Rückl Crystal.

International Photo Camp 2007

During the first July weekend PhotoArt Magazine held its traditional, already fourth international meeting of photographers. The event took place in the Central Bohemian town of Melník and its environs. In total 117 people took part in the Camp, including 60 photographers from the Czech Republic and 24 from abroad: 7 from Austria, 5 from Slovakia, 4 from Lithuania, 3 from Israel, 2 from the Netherlands and 1 Latvian, German and Ukrainian. Furthermore, four foreign guests-jurors, 2 interpreters, 19 models and 8 members of the PhotoArt editing staff. Event partners were: Canon CZ, Ceská federace fotografického umení (CFFU), Foma Bohemia, Fomei, Grada, Institut digitální fotografie (IDIF), Rückl Crystal.

Participants could bring along their own photographs on the theme of the nude and the international jury consisting of Gunars Binde (Latvia), Josef Klimša (Czech Republic), Manfred Kriegelstein (Germany), Romualdas Požerskis (Lithuania) and Carmel Skutelsky (Israel) chose the best of them: the main prize – free participation at next year’s IPC and the Grand Prix – a trophy from the glassworks of Rückl Crystal in Nižbor, was awarded to Slovak photographer Peter W. Haas. First prize was won by Austrian Peter Unterweissacher and second by Barbora Pejšová, who works on both sides of the Czech-Slovak border. Certificates of merit were awarded to Ramúnas Daniševicius of Lithuania, Fedor Gabcan of the Czech Republic and Georg Stoliarov of Israel. Another traditional ceremony was the selection and declaration of the best model. Participants chose the model known as Arja, who, as is traditional, received French perfume from the Jirí Žán agency from the catalogue of

Overall participants were “loaded up” with the quantity of programs during the 2½ day event. In the evening after the arrival and welcoming they heard and saw the presentation by renowned German photographer Manfred Kriegelstein, which, due to the majority composition of participants, was simultaneously interpreted into Czech and Russian. The film from InterCamp 2006 was shown, which was accompanied by the temperamental performance of the Romany group Gitans.

The second and third day mornings were devoted to photographing models in the picturesque surroundings of Kokorínsko. On Saturday afternoon all attended the private view of the exhibition of the newest photographs of editor-in-chief of PhotoArt, Garik Avanesian in the Galerie Ve veži, then they visited the Lobkowicz wine cellars at Chateau Melnik. Even the tasting of local wines was accompanied by photographing and a group photograph of all participants was taken in the chateau courtyard.

On Sunday, after lunch and the closing session, some of the more distant participants gradually left, though many continued photographing in the park under Chateau Melnik until late in the afternoon.

We will bring you photographs from the course of IPC ´07 sent in by some of the participants along with some of our own.

At the same time we want to remind you that PhotoArt is not lying idle and has already started preparations for the next Inter Photo Camp 2008, which will take place from 27 to 29 June 2008.

International Photo Camp 2006

Third international meeting of photographers International Photo Camp 2006 took place on last weekend of June in Jemcina near Veseli nad Luznici. In this event participated over 120 photographers from nine countries and 17 models. Along with organisers were present 157 persons (and of course eight horses as well!).?

Friday´s evening was devoted to introduction of participantes, organizing questions, projection of images and a barbecue.

The main guest of this evening was accomplished Latvian photographer Wilhelm Michajlovsky, who presented two of his „photographic films“ (kind of diaporama).

On Saturday were participantes (divided into ten groups by twelve photographers) shooting nude in various locations of horse farm, manor park and also in historical carriages.

Sunday was devoted to collective photographing: in the morning it was shooting of parkur, groups of models in the carriage, on horse or while collective hunting-game. Also was made collective photo and selected the best model of Inter Camp – Lucie Kralickova. She obtained the Price of Server from Jiri Zan.

After was Jan Saudek giving autographs. Currently was working international jury in this constitution: Gunars Binde, Wilhelm Michajlovsky (both from Latvia) and Romualdas Pozerskis from Lithuania. They were judging images taken by participantes. Following declaration of the winners was featuring Zdenek Podhursky. Valued prizes were conferred on by Garik Avanesian, publisher of PhotoArt Magazine, Jiri Cermak, owner of Agrocomplex Jemcina and Jan Saudek. Part of Grand Prix was also free participation in next International Photo Camp 2007.

Summary of awarded prizes IPC 2006:Grand Prix – Carmel Skutelsky, Israel

2nd prize – Josef Klimsa, Czech Republic

3rd prize – Josef Kastner, Austria

Prize of PhotoArt magazine – Fedor Gabcan, Czech Republic

Awarding of IPC contest winner Carmel Skutelsky from Israel by J. Saudek.

Honourable mentions:

1. Michael Cohen, Israel

2. Josef Kästner, Austria

3. Vitautas Tamoliunas, Lithuania

4. Jaroslav Belak, Czech Republic

Prize of Jiri Cermak – Sabina Grigorieva, Latvia

Sunday program was closed by two events: Body Art Show by popular painter from Prague Bob Hochman and horses floating in the river of Nezarka.

In International Photo Camp was taken a large number of images and also have arised new frienships apart from geographic frontiers. Vast majority of participantes look forward to next International Photo Camp 2008.

International Photo Camp 2005

At the close of June the second InterPhotoCamp was held at the Dobrichovice Castle.

Almost one hundred photographers from nine countries of the world participated in IPC (the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, the Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, and Israel).

The following events were held during the 2nd year of the Inter Camp:


Competition, the topic of which was the Nude where 43 authors with 173 works in the 30×40 cm format participated. The competition was judged by the following jury: Gunars Binde, EFIAP (Latvia), Walter Kump, EFIAP (Austria) and Josef Klimša, EFIAP (the Czech Republic)

Awarded participants:

1st prize: Zdenek Kubín (the Czech Republic)

2nd prize: Sergej Bušlenko (the Ukraine)

3rd prize: Carmel Skutelsky (Israel)

Prize of the Mayor of Dobrichovice – Sergej Gumenuk (the Ukraine)

Prize of the Czech FIAP Committee – Manfred Halbweis (Austria)

Subscription to Fotografie Magazine – Cyril Gajdík (the Czech Republic)

The prizes were presented by:

Vice Mayor of Dobrichovice – Petr Kaplan

For the Association of Czech Photographers – Jaroslav Šimon Photographer Stanislav Tuma

Inter Camp organizer – Garik Avanesian

Chairman of the Czech FIAP Committee – Josef Klimša

Editor-in-chief of Fotografie Magazine – Pavel Libora

2. Exhibitions of photographs by Gunars Binde and Garik Avanesian

3. Viewing portfolios of participants and collections of national photographer associations

4. Photographing 11 models at interiors and exteriors of the Dobrichovice Castle

5. Body Art Show of the Prague painter Bob Hochman

6. Photographing models at the public area in front of the Dobrichovice Castle on the banks of the Berounka

7. Discussion and exchange of experience in photography and processing photographs

8. Meeting with Daniela Mrázková and Vladimír Remeš

International Photo Camp 2004

Thirty photographers including several photographers from abroad participated in the first year of IPC.

The Russian photographer Eduard Tevosov was among those who accepted an invitation to this yet unknown event.

This camp was still performed in the form of a workshop but for the following years a more suitable form of mutual meeting was chosen.

Photographs were taken in the locality of an old mill, at the Lipnice Castle and on the area of the Zálesí camping site nearby Humpolec. Five female models and one male model were available.

This IPC was organized by Garik Avanesian who did so in his free time with the aim to meet once in a year those who dedicate all their time to photography and would be happy to meet each others.

The camp was held at the end of September 2004.

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