Pavel Oskin

Pavel Oskin is a Prague-based photographer who specializes in landscape and nude photography. Born on February 21, 1974, in Belarus, he moved to Yekaterinburg, Russia, in 1991, where he graduated from the Ural State Forest Engineering University. Pavel’s deep interest in photography began to develop in 2001, when he studied individually with one of the best photographers in Yekaterinburg, Vasily Fetisov, and started extensively shooting, specializing in portraits, fashion and nude. Pavel’s photos have been published in a number of magazines in Yekaterinburg. In 2003, he held his first exhibition in Yekaterinburg, displaying creative portraits of famous people in the city. In 2008, Pavel moved to Prague, Czech Republic, where he began to travel and became interested in landscape photography. Since 2011, he organizes master classes and photo tours all over the world, including Iceland, New Zealand, Bolivia, Scotland, Norway, Italy and Greece. In 2012, he held an exhibition of his landscape work in Moscow, Russia. His work has been published in numerous magazines including the National Geographic Traveler. Pavel owns a photo studio in Prague and since 2016 he organizes the Prague-based annual photography festival Prague Take Away. In 2017, Pavel received 2 gold medals, 1 silver and 3 bronze at the prestigious international photo contest Epson Pano Awards.