InterPhotoCamp Prague 2019

3 days / 20 models /
Great locations,
famous team,
cinema lighting.

21-23 june

InterPhotoCamp 2019

InterPhotoCamp dates back to 2004. Since then the event has been constantly developing, modifying, and attracting more and more photographers from around the world. Many of the participants have received recognition in international competitions for photos that were taken at the InterPhotoCamp events, their photobooks have been published, and exhibitions of their work have taken place. What has remained unchanged is this wonderful company of committed and like-minded people, who are engaged in their favorite art. This year, the festival has a new team, and its main task is not only to preserve this spirit, but also to bring in new traditions. First of all, we will focus on the artistic component of the event. This applies both to the choice of models and to the creative use of light in photography. Starting this year, the festival will have an Art Director, who will be responsible for the style, theme and design of the event. We are very pleased to announce that Ilona Pulkstene will take this position in 2019. Ilona is a well-known Latvian photographer and QEP master who has gained worldwide recognition thanks to her series of Nude photos. We will also include locations with cinema lighting to ensure we have good shooting conditions despite the weather. The location for this year is confirmed. It will be in Prague’s old depot for locomotives, old-timers, old trams and other old-fashioned vehicles (we will also have a ride on some of them). We guarantee that you will be very impressed with the new concept of our festival and will come back home satisfied with many great and creative photos.


Our program

The festival will last three days in sunny Prague’s old depot, with its uniquely diverse locales. Ilona Pulkstene, our creative art director, will prepare key locations for photo sessions. We will use film lighting equipment to get the best shots!

Friday 21.06.2019

Day 1

15-00 – 18-00
18-00 – 19-00
Official openning of IPC’2019
20 – 00

Saturday 22.06.2019

Day 2

07-00 – 08-15
Bus departure
Photographing of nude at Vytopna Zlichov
09-30 – 12-30
Lunch time
12-30 – 13-30
Photographing of nude at Vytopna Zlichov (part 2)
13-30 – 16-30
Bus departure
18-00 – 19-30
Free time

Sunday 23.06.2019

Day 3

07-00 – 08-15
Bus departure
Photographing of nude on the steam train journey
09-30 – 12-15
Bus departure
Lunch time and check-out



Our team

We are a team of professionals, who are creative, and full of energy; and we will do our best to bring this festival to new artistic heights



Pavel Oskin is Prague-based photographer with specialisation in landscape and nude photography.



Creative photographer, works in her photo studio. Transforms images into artistic fiction.

21-23 june


The participation fee is 460 euro per person.
Our loyal clients will receive a discount.

Deposit Payment

160 €

Participants will enjoy:

informal networking with famous photographers

three unforgettable days in one of the most beautiful city in the world

incredible shooting locations

beautiful and experienced models from different countries

The organisation team



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